Bethlehem's Vogelpohl Spaeth Pipe Organ

Our Vogelpohl Spaeth pipe organ was installed in the church in June 1902. It is a tracker organ, meaning that it is mechanical not electrical. Like that of a piano, the keys are mechanically connected to the pipes. The organ was powered by a hand-pump until the late 1930's or early 1940's. The organ contains some 313 pipes, of which 19 are facet pipes which have been hand-painted and restored to their original decoration and placed beautifully between wood pillars topped by a cross. The organ stands 12 feet high, 8 feet deep, and 10 feet wide.

The organ restoration work was done in 1996 by organ builder Michael Christian of Paynesville. A rededication of the organ was held on October 26th, 1997 under the pastorate of Rev. Gary Berlinksi.

The sounds of music and singing rang through the air on June 23rd, 2002 at 2:00 p.m. as members, family, and friends of Bethlehem celebrated 100 years of pipe organ music in our worship services. An attendance of 170 people enjoyed a sunny Sunday afternoon of melodic sounds from the organ. The service contained a selection of hymns following the seasons of the church year. Eight past and present organists of Bethlehem participated in the special service: Jeanette Beckala, Vickie Berg, Darlene Bjelland, Jerry Bonstrom, Ruth Goerke, Diane Johnson, Elton Sprengeler, and Ruby Webster. Jerry Bonstrom also presented information on the history of our organ. A time of refreshments and fellowship followed the special service.

Today our organ continues to play an integral part of our worship services. The organists currently serving Bethlehem are Jeanette Beckala and Joanne Jarvis.